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This is a joint website between the Northland MUFON Chapter and the MN MUFON Chapter of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  By becoming a “Northland Insider” you will gain access to UFO/UAP content from both chapters (Northland and MN). This includes zoom links for both chapter meetings when available. Content on this website will include both chapters. The Northland MUFON chapter is a Federally recognized 501(C)3 Non-Profit Chapter that covers North Dakota and Northern Minnesota.


MUFON’s Case Management System

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Go to www.MUFON.com to report a sighting, an experience, or submit photo’s or videos of your encounter. A local Field Investigator will be assigned your case. You should hear from someone within a few days of submitting your report. We often get cases from many years ago so don’t be shy. Let us know what you’ve seen or been through. We’ll investigate it and do our best to help you get the answers you seek.

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We were upstairs in our sleeping area, which is like a loft with a hatch door, and I had my brother on top of the hatch door, and me and my other buddy were on top of him holding that hatch door, because whatever was down there was just beating up on everything and slamming on that hatch door trying to get up there.

The Annual MUFON Symposium is being held in Dallas this year. We are excited to go, meet us there! Click here for more information!

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Fargo Area is Back to Northport!

Northland’s Fargo area April 27 meeting will be at the Fargo Public Library Northport.

2714 Broadway N, Fargo.

Grand Rapids, MN is still at the VFW

Northland MUFON Presents:

Earl Grey Anderson

Saturday May 25th!

2:00pm-4:30pm Grand Rapids, MN and Fargo, ND

May 25th we are excited to have Earl Grey Anderson give his presentation:

“My Known Unknowns”

Earl with be with us via Zoom. To join the meeting live Click Here.

More info on the Insiders Page.

Northland MUFON Presents:

Rich Hoffman

“Investigating UFOs For 5 Decades: What Has Changed?”

June 22nd

2:00pm-4:30pm Grand Rapids, MN and Fargo, ND

On June 22nd, Northland MUFON is proud to have Rich Hoffman give his presentation

“Investigating UFOs for 5 Decades: What Has Changed?”

Rich will be with us via Zoom. To join the meeting live Click Here.

More info on the Insiders Page.

Northland MUFON Presents:

Earl Grey Anderson

Saturday May 25th!

2:00pm-4:30pm Grand Rapids, MN and Fargo, ND

September 28th we are excited to have Erling Strand give a presentation on:

“The Hessdalen Lights”

Erling with be with us via Zoom. To join the meeting live Click Here.

More info on the Insiders Page.

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Join the Northland MUFON chapter every 3rd or 4th Saturday at the Grand Rapids VFW and the Fargo Public Library – Northport, Fargo. To sign up for monthly email announcements click here. Always check the insiders page for our exact date. Some months we may meet via zoom only. If this is the case, it will be in the email announcement. Contact us at NorthlandMUFONInfo@gmail.com to sign up for our monthly emails. May 25, 2024 – Earl Anderson: “My known Unknowns” In-person and online. Click here to join via zoom!


Join the Minnesota Chapter of MUFON every second Saturday of the month at the New Brighton Community Center (some months we may meet via zoom. This will be in the email announcement). Contact us NorthlandMUFONInfo@gmail.com to sign up for our monthly email blasts! MN MUFON events feature informed speakers, special guests, and films covering a wide range of topics related to UFOs and extra terrestrial encounters. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with open minded individuals seeking the truth regarding the UFO phenomena, discuss evidence and present ideas. Click here to join via zoom!

In addition to our monthly meetings we may also present other speakers and at area venues you may be interested in attending. We will post those when appropriate.

UFO News

Articles and Information from Northland MUFON

Frazee sighting of 1997

Sept. 22, 1997, Frazee, MN Report Date of Sighting:  22 Sep, 1997 Place of Sighting: Rural Frazee, MN Local Evaluation:  CE1 – Unexplained. Significance: Moderate to High Type of Report:…

Minnesota Arrowhead UFO Landing

UFO Landing in the Minnesota Arrowhead Area. By Jerry Nelson, MUFON Field Investigator December 31, 2023 When I was a young Field investigator for The Mutual UFO Network, I sought…

Featured Field Investigator: William McNeff

William McNeff – Former MNMUFON Director and Chief Investigator William “Bill” McNeff joined the US Army in 1955, where he received training in electronics and graduated in radar repair. He…

Featured Case: My Biggest Regret

“Very close observation of craft, slowly at tree top level” In 1969 a witness saw an object up close and personal. Back in 1969 this witness saw something extraordinary while…

Report a Sighting

Have you seen aerial phenomenon you can’t explain? Many of us at one time or another have seen something unusual in the sky that defies explanation. Often times these anomalous encounters can be accounted for by ordinary terrestrial objects. Nonetheless, there are times when individuals are convinced by the aberrant nature of what they have seen to believe they may have spotted something extraordinary.

If you’ve witnessed something you believe to be unidentified aerial phenomenon, MUFON would like to hear from you! Click the button below to file a report with MUFON international.

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Expert field investigation is at the forefront of MUFON’s purpose. Seeking to separate the explainable from the enigmatic, highly trained and qualified field investigators are needed to investigate UFO reports. With UFO sightings on the rise, the role of a trained investigator has become more important than ever.

If you’re at least 18 years old, are able to acceptably pass a personal background check, and be willing to execute and agree to a MUFON non-disclosure agreement, you can apply to become a MUFON field investigator.

Become a Field Investigator

Listen to KQDS every third Thursday of the month at 8:40 am to hear our own Tom Maher, Minnesota State Director. Once a month Tom will give the radio audience an update and share some facts. KQDS can be heard on FM 94.9 in Duluth or 106.3 in the Hibbing area. If you missed the broadcast, you can hear it here.